Bill Thomas, a senior advisor in Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney's Federal Government Relations Section, was noted in the May 1, 2010, issue of the National Journal, under the publications "Inside Washington" column. The article, titled "What ever happened to …Bill Thomas?," discussed what Thomas — former Republican chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee — has been up to since leaving that role.

"Thomas may no longer be spending time in front of TV cameras," explained the article, "but the former Republican chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee isn't gone from Washington. Indeed, the bold and sometimes brash Thomas was a leading voice on health care policy during his time on the Hill, and he continues to make time to answer the calls he still gets from former colleagues. He was not inclined to continue his high-profile presence during the health care reform debate last winter, even though he is known as a GOP thought leader on the issue."

As explained in the article, "Thomas represented California in Congress from1979 to 2007. He now splits his time between the American Enterprise Institute, where he consults on tax, trade, and health care policy, and law firm Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney. He is also vice chairman of the Financial Crisis inquiry Commission that President Obama and Congress created last year to study the causes of the nation's financial and economic meltdown."