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Comprehensive Services for Family Offices
As a family office, you are dedicated to the preservation of the assets and legacies of your constituent families and their multigenerational, closely-held businesses. As such, you need attorneys experienced with family offices who understand your business and personal financial goals, your philanthropic objectives, your business operations and industry, and your family dynamics.

  • Assisted with restructuring numerous real estate holdings and financial assets into a holding company with an advisory board to facilitate business succession planning.
  • Advised on implementing Lender Management-style investment fee structures.
  • Advised on tax structuring for a division of a multi-billion-dollar real estate portfolio.
  • Divided a multi-million-dollar private foundation to facilitate the pursuit of separate charitable goals.
  • Structured a charitable gift of multi-million-dollar partnership interests to a conduit foundation.
  • Defended a will contest after the patriarch’s death and advised on tax-efficient settlement structures.