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Our full grasp of your concerns, our experience and our pursuit of the right solution for your specific business help us guide your executives and boards through the complex array of business considerations and regulations at work in executive compensation decisions.

  • Drafted a change in control agreement for a client's senior executive to help ensure that the executive did not leave the client.
  • Drafted multiple severance agreements based upon a company merger that resulted in major reduction in force.
  • Advised clients on federal securities law issues, including SEC reporting obligations.
  • Drafted employment, consulting and non-compete agreements for several executives being retained by the purchasing company.
  • Represented private and publicly traded companies and individuals with respect to executive compensation matters, including designing and implementing compensation programs and negotiating employment agreements (including advising with respect to complex securities laws issues).
  • Represented both venture capitalists and executives of start-ups in connection with employment agreements to be executed at the closing of a financing and any significant tax and securities laws issues related thereto.
  • Represented companies in connection with actions against former employees to enforce non-compete, confidentiality, and ownership of invention agreements and to seek damages for breaches by the employee under such agreements and employment agreements generally.
  • Negotiated and drafted an employment agreement for the chief executive officer of a client, where the executive was going to move his home across the country and the executive's performance and compensation were tied to the successful performance of his mission.
  • Represented the key executives of a publicly traded company in the process of being purchased, which involved revising their employment agreements, as well as their stock option, incentive stock and restricted stock agreements, to ensure that all of the documents were consistent with the parties' original intent.
  • Served as executive and employee benefits counsel for the boards of directors and management of numerous publicly traded corporations.
  • Negotiated and drafted a comprehensive employee leasing arrangement for a multimillion-dollar construction and development project.
  • Drafted retention agreements for several executives whom the client wanted to retain for a certain period of time until a particular event occurred (including the sale of the company or the hiring and training of the executives' replacements).
  • Assisted the Board of Directors of Alpha Natural Resources, Inc., with executive compensation and corporate governance aspects of its all-stock merger with Foundation Coal Holdings, Inc., which created one of the foremost U.S. coal producers.
  • Assisted Alpha Natural Resources with the executive compensation and employee benefits aspects of its acquisition of Massey Energy Company.