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Like all areas of litigation, employment litigation trends change quickly as laws and regulations affecting employers and employees change. Current growth areas in litigation faced by employers range from broad issues, such as the definition of “employer,” to the very narrow, such as whether companies must modify their web sites to “reasonably accommodate” disabled consumers. As a result, the opportunities for litigation keep growing.

  • Obtained summary judgment dismissing a malicious prosecution claim against a health care client.
  • Obtained summary judgment in a Section 1981 and Title VII race discrimination and retaliation case against a national recruitment and placement company.
  • Obtained defense verdict after a five-day jury trial in United States District Court on race discrimination claims filed against multiple defendants by a former in-house lawyer.
  • Prevailed at a federal trial involving defamation and age discrimination claims brought against a hospital.
  • Obtained a jury verdict in a breach-of-contract claim based on the provisions of an employee handbook, on behalf of a national retailer.
  • Secured the dismissal of a wage payment claim filed by a terminated executive alleging breach of contract.
  • Obtained a judgment under the Federal Arbitration Act vacating a $250,000 arbitration decision in favor of a former employee.
  • Won a jury verdict dismissing all claims against our clients, who were accused of wrongfully terminating their chief financial officer for purported whistleblowing and of failure to pay him for accrued vacation.
  • Obtained multiple summary judgments dismissing disparate treatment, harassment, retaliation, defamation and FMLA claims.
  • Obtained a defense verdict after four-day jury trial in West Virginia State Court in a case alleging race discrimination filed against multiple defendants.
  • Obtained defense verdicts in cases alleging sexual harassment, racial harassment, national origin discrimination and retaliation claims.
  • Obtained summary judgment for the defense in an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) case involving non-work related injuries suffered in an automobile accident. 2011 WL 2690358 (W.D. Pa.)
  • Obtained defense verdicts in two trials in two different cases brought by female executives alleging gender discrimination in promotion decisions.
  • Defended a broadcasting company in a federal court jury trial involving allegations of reverse race discrimination, sex discrimination and retaliation by a former employee.
  • Obtained Third Circuit affirmance of summary judgment in favor of the employer in an age discrimination case that is frequently cited [Kautz v. Met-Pro Corporation, 412 F.3d 463 (3d Cir. 2005)].