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Emily Elaine Coyle

Emily Elaine Coyle

Principal, Government Relations

Fort Lauderdale, FL
Washington, DC

How Emily Helps Clients

Emily helps clients find solutions at the intersection of business, politics and policy. She has a successful track record of building and leading policy programs in financial services, cybersecurity, corporate governance, privacy and digital transformation of financial markets. By leveraging her experience working for Congress, as well as serving as a longtime strategic advisor and consultant to domestic and global financial services companies, startups, regulatory and municipal entities, and non-profit organizations, Emily is able to use her real-life experience to help her clients overcome legislative and regulatory hurdles to craft solutions that meet their business objectives and push innovation forward.

Emily spent more than a decade at a Big Four accounting firm, where she was the lead Democrat in government affairs and also managed five cross-service line teams to advance public policy initiatives with Congress, the White House, federal regulators, leading industry trade associations and think tanks. She also honed her advocacy skills by managing a number of political crises and congressional investigations during her time there and on behalf of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, which represents all state insurance regulators from across the United States. Her portfolio included issues related to credit default swaps, surplus lines, rating agencies as well as bond, mortgage and terrorism insurance.

Emily’s clients also benefit from her Capitol Hill experience where she served as Senior Legislative Assistant and then Legislative Director to Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL-23). During her tenure, she was responsible for managing the Congresswoman’s busy legislative agenda, legislative staff, House Democratic Caucus responsibilities, House Rules Committee work, as well as the Congresswoman’s House Whip leadership role. She also led Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz’s Financial Services Committee work and co-led the Congresswoman's Judiciary Committee portfolio and responsibilities as Legislative Branch Appropriations Subcommittee Chair. 

What Clients Can Expect

Emily thrives in high-pressure, high-profile situations. Through her various positions, she has developed a deft understanding of legislative history of federal financial, cybersecurity and privacy policy and is able to translate current changes into practicable solutions.

Additionally, clients appreciate Emily’s strong bipartisan relationships which are helpful in the formation of coalitions necessary to move policy and legislation in response to domestic and global developments. She is also able to use her deep knowledge of technology to help clients understand how it is transforming sectors and impacting various regulation and legislation on the federal level – ultimately impacting their industries.

Outside the Office 

Emily loves to travel and has had the opportunity to visit a number of countries during a recent travel sabbatical, where she got locked down in a remote New Zealand village for four months at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to world travel, Emily is passionate about scuba diving, great white sharks and underwater photography. She is a certified Rescue and Master Diver and currently has over 400 dives.

Proof Points

  • Negotiated with Congress and Treasury to ensure accounting profession would not be regulated by the CFPB when it was first established under Dodd-Frank, saving one of the largest accounting firms $100M in annual litigation costs.
  • Managed political engagement and successfully navigated congressional investigations into the failure of major companies and regulated entities.
  • Served as a trusted cyber advisor to House and Senate members and secured participation of major accounting firm as witness in a friendly hearing before Senate Banking to educate committee members on cyber vulnerabilities and best practices in the market.
  • Co-developed blockchain and crypto asset training sessions for SEC, FFIEC bank examiners, White House and Treasury staff.
  • Built the first ever variable annuity fee data base (1999).
  • Served as a super volunteer on two Presidential campaigns.
  • Served on several advisory committees for House and Senate Members.