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David A. Weintraub

David A. Weintraub

Senior Attorney

Washington, DC

How David Helps Clients

David A. Weintraub works on a wide variety of tax matters for his clients, including issues relating to real estate taxation, real estate investment trusts, tax-free exchanges, income tax accounting methods, partnership taxation, tax procedure, tax controversy (including matters before the IRS and U.S. Tax Court) and international taxation. He particularly enjoyed working on a matter where the IRS agreed to pay our client his litigation costs.

Prior to joining Buchanan, David was a partner at an accounting firm that offered financial planning and tax services. He assisted clients with various issues involving corporate, partnership and fiduciary taxation. He also represented clients before federal and state taxing authorities.

What Clients Can Expect

David listens to his clients, keeps them involved in the process and makes recommendations as to the best course of action. With the rest of the tax attorneys in the firm, David responds as quickly as possible to changes in the tax law that impact our clients.

Clients engage David for tax work as he is responsive to their needs and communicates with them on a regular basis. They know what is going on with the engagement and know that David is always available to take their calls.

In addition to client work, David is co-author of the BNA Tax Management Portfolio Tax Court Litigation and has co-authored several articles in various tax publications as well. He is also a certified public accountant.

Outside the Office

David was born and raised in Buffalo, N.Y. He enjoys playing golf and hiking. If he were not a lawyer, he would have chosen a career as an engineer as he likes to understand how things work.