David J. Laurent

David J. Laurent


Pittsburgh, PA
  • Secured substantial pension plan withdrawal liability assessment reductions for several clients who were liquidating their assets
  • Helped a client avoid pension plan withdrawal liability by negotiating appropriate language in an asset purchase agreement and reaching agreements with several pension funds
  • Litigated alter ego and control group issues in a "bet the company" withdrawal liability dispute
  • Assisted a Marcellus Shale company update all of its employment and benefit policies and programs
  • Counseled a buyer regarding the potential risks and obligations associated with buying a company that contributed to a multiemployer pension plan
  • Litigated federal preemption issues in a case filed by multiple employees alleging state-law fraud and contract claims arising from an early retirement program
  • Helped family-owned groups of affiliated companies understand the controlled group and withdrawal liability implications of changes in ownership
  • Defended an employer against charges that its handbook policies, including social media, violated the NLRA
  • Helped a refractory company negotiate a new union contract needed to keep the plant operating
  • Published a comprehensive law-review style paper regarding single employer liability and protection