David L. Hackett, shareholder and head of the Philadelphia office, is featured in The New York Times story regarding the impact the Democratic and Republican National Conventions will have on host cities. David discusses the impact to Buchanan's Philadelphia office and how the firm is prepared to handle business continuity during the DNC (July 25-28).

David L. Hackett, a labor and employment lawyer at Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney in Philadelphia, is counting on being able to carry out his normal routine when the Democratic National Convention arrives this month.
“I would not anticipate the general disruption for this convention that the pope’s visit caused,” he said. Pope Francis' visit to Philadelphia in 2015 led to major restrictions in the downtown area of Center City and interstate closings.

Still, for Mr. Hackett, it will not entirely be business as usual during the convention. He has advised out-of-town clients to avoid trips that week and said he would be using Skype or rescheduling in-office meetings. He said he, the Philadelphia office and his clients would “play it safe.”

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