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Three members of the firm recently had the opportunity to travel to Cuba as a part of a delegation from the Florida Bar International Law Section, including Shareholders Jennifer Olmedo-Rodriguez, Matthew J. Feeley and Associate Jose Rafael Florez.

During the trip, Olmedo-Rodriguez, a Cuban-American, made it a priority to visit her father’s former home in the Luyano section of Havana, reported the Daily Business Review in an article highlighting the trip.

"Originally, I had some hesitation in going to Cuba as I was worried how it was going to be received by my family and friends," Olmedo-Rodriguez told the Daily Business Review. "But to me, it was a journey into my roots and a journey of self-discovery. Even my father is proud of how much I associate and identify with my Cuban roots. I'm glad I went."

Upon her return, she was able to share with her father the photos she had taken of the kitchen that he had built and the living room he had played in as a little boy. 

Read the full article – “Back in Time: Attorneys Visit Their Families' Former Homes in Cuba Before Castro” (Daily Business Review, June 9, 2015) Subscription required.