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Craig D. Mills

Craig D. Mills


Philadelphia, PA
Charlotte, NC
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Secured a defense judgment and recovered the client’s costs in an action claiming violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Wisconsin Consumer Act.
  • Chicago, Illinois: In two separate actions concluded over the span of 45 days, forced two different non-practicing entities (“NPEs,” often referred to as “patent trolls”) to withdraw claims for patent infringement filed against our clients, a sporting goods manufacturer and a running shoe company, shortly after suit was filed and without payment of any settlement amount by filing or threatening to file counterclaims against the NPEs for violating state anti-trolling or other unfair trade practice statutes.
  • Charlotte, North Carolina: Forced our client's competitor to change the shape of its shoe-care product, which infringed upon our client's trademarked design, in a trademark infringement and unfair trade practices action filed in the Western District of North Carolina.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Successfully resolved claims for $4.5 million in breach of contract and promissory estoppel action during the fourth day of a jury trial held in the Court of Common Pleas.
  • Greensboro, North Carolina: Forced a competitor of our client to change the name, design and packaging of a consumer product that infringed upon two of our client’s trademarks, and to pay our client’s attorney fees and a royalty on all infringing products sold.
  • Houston, Texas: Obtained complete dismissal of $10 million claim for tortious interference less than 90 days after suit was filed.
  • Kansas City, Kansas: Won jury verdicts rejecting over $8 million in claims for breach of contract and tortious interference and awarding $130,000 on counterclaim for misuse of confidential information after a two-week trial in Jackson County Circuit Court.
  • Chester County, Pennsylvania: Won the largest verdict handed down in Chester County in 2006 on claims for conversion and tortious interference arising from a corporate control dispute.
  • Kansas City, Missouri: After a two-day hearing, defeated a request for a preliminary injunction that, if granted, would have jeopardized millions of dollars of revenues per week for our client.
  • Los Angeles, California: Obtained the complete dismissal of all claims and recovered attorney's fees for our client in an action for malicious prosecution and unfair trade practices heard in Los Angeles County Superior Court.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Recovered $13.2 million in damages for our client on claims for breach of contract and misappropriation of trade secrets heard in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.
  • Brooklyn, New York: Won a jury verdict rejecting $62 million in claims for breach of contract and tortious interference against our client after a two-week trial in federal court.
  • Harris County, Texas: Won a $6 million jury verdict in a construction dispute after a two-week trial in Houston.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Won a $2.1 million verdict while defeating $700,000 in counterclaims in a breach of contract action tried in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.
  • Brooklyn, New York: Won verdicts rejecting $62 million in claims for breach of contract and tortious interference and awarding $2.8 million in damages on a counterclaim for breach of contract after a two-week jury trial in the Eastern District of New York. The court also fined the opposing party and its CEO $100,000 for presenting falsified evidence at trial, awarding $50,000 of that sanction to our client.
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida: In a case that received national media attention, obtained the dismissal (with prejudice) of a putative nationwide class action asserting claims for Sherman Act violations and unfair trade practices against our client, a national quick-service restaurant, based upon its alleged unfair pricing practices for quarter-pound hamburgers as sold with and without cheese.