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Cindy Dunlap Hinkle

Cindy Dunlap Hinkle


Pittsburgh, PA
Newark, NJ
  • Served as counsel to a large hotel chain defending against lawsuits involving racial discrimination in employment and public accommodations.
  • Served as counsel to a national indirect lender for automobile purchases in a complex matter involving the failure of a dealer to provide the title to used vehicles, successfully securing a preliminary injunction requiring third parties holding vehicle titles to provide them to the indirect lender.
  • Served as counsel to an elder condominium association seeking the opening of a closed right-of-way over the property of a shopping center, successfully securing a preliminary injunction prohibiting the shopping center from continuing to block the right of way.
  • Served as counsel to a small construction firm dealing with asbestos injury claims, successfully having such claims dismissed at both the early stages of a matter and at summary judgment.
  • Served as counsel to oil and gas pipeline and production companies with litigation experience in right-of-way/landowner and eminent domain issues. Has successfully secured temporary injunctions to prohibit landowners from refusing to comply with lease and easement terms.
  • Served as counsel to a small automobile insurance company in the defense of a simple automobile accident and property damage claims.
  • Served as counsel to publicly traded industrial manufacturers in various contract disputes and complex products liability disputes.
  • Served as counsel to a national surety company regarding the collection of losses from indemnitors across the country.
  • Served as counsel to several securities/brokerage firms in federal court and before FINRA arbitration boards. For example, has successfully secured injunctions in matters where former employees have engaged inthe theft of trade secrets and other confidential materials and/or unfair trade practices.
  • Served as counsel to an international bus manufacturing company in a complex contract dispute over allegedly patented or trademarked materials.
  • Served as counsel to an internet marketing company in researching and drafting a survey of all U.S. and individual state and European laws against the sending of unsolicited electronic mail, assisting the client in the development of a compliance plan for the dissemination of e-mail to the public.