Christine M. Hansen

Christine M. Hansen


Wilmington, DE

How Christine Helps Clients

Christine works with patent owners and inventors in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and agricultural industries to design and implement patenting strategies specific to their business needs. Working collaboratively with the U.S. patent examiners, rather than as an adversary, she carefully presents technical explanations and calls upon her strong legal and scientific experience to put forth the right legal theory to support patentability.

Experienced at the interface of patent and FDA law, she handles applications for patent term extensions on pharmaceutical products and Orange Book submissions and collaborates with our firm’s FDA lawyers to provide comprehensive legal strategies. Christine is the head of the firm’s Wilmington office.

Drawing upon past experience working inside a French pharmaceutical company as well as over 15 years of counseling European companies, Christine understands the global considerations for IP. Clients turn to Christine for license work for a variety of technologies and involving a variety of partners: government healthcare technology licenses, stem-cell IND and know-how licenses, and global patent royalty and product supply agreements.

She is entrusted by large pharmaceutical clients with the prosecution of patent applications covering their most valuable products. For example, she guided a Global Fortune 500 client through a complex due diligence analysis of U.S. patents for a multimillion dollar investment in a platform technology for biological production of industrial chemicals.

Some of Christine’s proudest moments are convincing examiners and the USPTO appellate board to remove or reverse rejections, often by arguing strong and specific technical support for the claims at hand. For example, she overcame obviousness rejections to obtain a plasma-product patent that was the basis of a client’s exclusivity for its largest selling product. The patent was asserted against the client’s main competitor in litigation resulting in a very favorable settlement.

Christine has a strong chemistry background from her undergraduate studies at Princeton University. Aspects of her Princeton research were published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society (“Metalloporphyrin Core Size Resonance Raman Marker Bands Revisited: Implications for the Interpretation of Hemoglobin Photoproduct Raman Frequencies.”) Christine’s chemistry training continued while she worked under highly regarded Dr. Manfred Reetz in Germany under a Fulbright Scholarship.

What Clients Can Expect

Christine provides clear analysis of complex situations. She has earned great credibility with her clients and the examiners in the U.S. Patent Office. Her clients praise her management of complex patent portfolios, and have called her “the brains” behind the patent strategies for their products. One recently retired chief patent counsel commented that Christine’s bills are always fair, which she did not find with most other patent lawyers.

Clients will find that Christine is rigorous about scientific proof for argumentation, and is able to assist in very technical matters without trouble.

The best attorneys add real value to the clients’ business above and beyond the other players in the legal market.

Outside the Office

Christine was born and raised in Rochester, New York. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Christine has been an active Girl Scout leader for many years, including leading a troop at a Philadelphia homeless shelter for three years, for which she was awarded the honor of top volunteer at that shelter her third year. She now is a co-leader of her daughter’s troop as well as (sometimes) her soccer coach. A little-known fact about Christine is that during a college spring break, she joined Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, and a group of friends at his family’s beach house.

Proof Points

  • On IAM’s Patent 1000 list in 2015, 2016 and 2018: Best-in-class listing of patent prosecution, licensing and litigation practitioners.
  • 2017 Lexology Client Choice Award of Intellectual Property- Patents in Delaware, an award requiring nomination from in-house counsel and clients for excellent client care and quality of services.
  • In 2011 named a Top Patent Prosecutor by Patent Research Review.
  • Responsible for U.S. patent prosecution for all patents relating to blockbuster anticoagulant (annual U.S. sales of about $1 billion).