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At a recent Pittsburgh Business Times event, titled "Corridors of Opportunity: Multi-Unit Projects," Buchanan's Real Estate Practice Group leader B. Lafe Metz joined the conversation, highlighting Pittsburgh's most important growth corridors with a panel discussion on real estate development.

In a follow-up article published by the Pittsburgh Business Times, Metz is quoted, saying: “The market for multifamily housing in Pittsburgh and in the greater downtown has really evolved dramatically (from) even as little as five years ago. The market has just exploded.”

He continued, telling the attendees that “Financing for multifamily properties is abundantly available in every city, including Pittsburgh. History proves that stabilized multifamily performs better in cycles and out of cycles,” he said. “It’s a safer bet.”

Read the full article - "Developer on Apartment Boom: 'It's Been an Incredible 10 Years'" (April 8, 2015, Pittsburgh Business Times)