Carrie G. Amezcua

Carrie G. Amezcua

Senior Attorney

Philadelphia, PA
  • Advised health care provider client on availability of state action immunity and use of Certificate of Public Advantage statute.
  • Provided opinion letter to mining client regarding joint distribution practices and exclusive contracts.
  • Counseled technology client on contract negotiations to avoid patent misuse claims.
  • Directed health insurance client on transaction negotiations with only competitor to avoid gun-jumping risks.
  • Analyzed markets for health care provider client to assess antitrust risks, instructed client to minimize antitrust risks of joint venture, and determined the transaction was not reportable under the HSR Act.
  • Advised pharmaceutical clients on HSR reportability and submitting an FDA citizen’s petition jointly with a competitor.
  • Successfully defended patent holder against patent misuse claims in ITC administrative proceeding.
  • Defended hospital system against complaint by FTC to hospital’s acquisition of independent hospital at FTC Administrative Hearing through Sixth Circuit.
  • Defended clients in federal district court in defense aircraft, dialysis, technology, power tools, beer and window spacer markets.
  • Directed and coordinated with eDiscovery team for collection and production of original hard drives and forensic images of devices to DOJ and FBI.