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Candace L. Quinn

Candace L. Quinn


New York, NY
  • Executive Compensation
    • Advising companies and partnerships on compliant and competitive executive compensation and employee benefits.
    • Counsels on regulatory compliance, and design of incentives to align with corporate values and to attract and retain employees and the implementation of supplemental executive compensation and incentive plans; deferred compensation arrangements under IRC Sections 409A and secular trusts.
    • Advises on M&A transactions involving 409A, deferred compensation, 280G golden parachutes and 4960 for tax exempt entities, and due diligence.
    • Addresses tax structuring for financial optimization of global incentive plans for multi- national companies in merger and acquisition transaction and U.S. inbound corporate development projects.
    • Advises on executive compensation due diligence review in merger and acquisition transactions including for energy, power, utility, and infrastructure clients.
    • Counsels on designing corporate sustainability metrics and executive compensation incentive agreements.
  • Retirement and Employee Benefit Plans
    • Wide range of qualified retirement plan experience including conducting operational due diligence regarding defined contribution, profit sharing and 401(k) Plans, 457(b) And 403(b) tax deferred annuity plans. pensions, cash balance plans, and ESOPS.
    • Consults on Secure 2.0 Act of 2022.
    • Advises on M&A transactions involving qualified retirement plans.
    • Conducts IRC And ERISA fiduciary investigative reviews and due diligence regulatory and operational compliance reviews of qualified retirement plans and 403(b) tax deferred annuity plans, including advice on internal controls and best practice governance standards.
    • Represents plan sponsors regarding corrections, governmental compliance investigations and audits, tax controversies and resolutions including those undertaken by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Department of Labor (DOL) and other federal and state regulatory enforcement agencies; and has obtained IRS recognition of tax-exempt status for many non-profit organizations.
    • Designs employee benefit programs to support company’s sustainable development objectives for environment, energy efficiency, and corporate social responsibility. drafts employee communications to promote employee benefit programs which support company’s goals and focus.
    • Consults on the Cares Act and the Secure Act 2019.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions and Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation
    • Oversees and manages, and conducts the due diligence legal, labor, employee benefits, and executive compensation review, and contributes to the report of all M/A Projects.
    • Handles employee benefit and executive compensation matters for transactions including: 409A, deferred compensation, 280G golden parachutes due diligence, qualified plans ACA Compliance, tax structuring for financial optimization of global incentive plans for multi-national companies and U.S. inbound corporate development projects, executive compensation transactions involving energy, power, utility, and infrastructure clients.
  • Corporate Fiduciary Governance
    • Advises on SEC's proposed rules on climate change disclosure, corporate board diversity, cyber security risk and governance, human capital management disclosure, the proposed listing standards implementing the SEC's Dodd-Frank clawback policy rule, and the SEC's final rule implementing pay versus performance disclosure required under Dodd-Frank.
    • Advises on corporate fiduciary governance matters regarding executive compensation and addressing evolving landscape of ESG regarding attracting and retaining talent and addressing disclosures and anti-ESG risks.
    • Provided guidance on ESG matters including addressing design of ESG metrics for executive compensation arrangements, pay for performance disclosures required by Dodd-Frank and SEC related disclosure proposals to pay for performance.