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A number of Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney's winery clients were noted in a May 21, 2010, article published by the North County Times. The article, titled "Wineries want more hotel rooms," discussed plans to expand Wine Country in the Temecula, California-region by opening and expanding lodging at wineries.

As noted in the article, "At least five wineries are in various stages of planning with the county for hotels, villas, bed-and-breakfast inns and other visitor attractions. … Adding more accommodations will help draw more visitors to Temecula, some tourism experts say, and also allow the area to retain more visitor revenue. For some events, such as the annual balloon and wine festival, Temecula-area hotels are sold out and visitors must go elsewhere to get a place to stay."  A number of the wineries noted in the article are represented by the firm. In fact, of the 34 operating wineries in the region, the firm represents 10 of them.

Of the wineries noted in the article, Buchanan has represented/or is currently representing the following: the Carter Estates Winery Project, the Ponte Family Estate Winery, the Mt. Palomar Winery and the Frank Aglio South Coast project.