A recent article published in Law360, titled “5 Things You Should Never Say In a Lateral Interview,” asks attorneys what they are and are not looking for when it comes to new hires. Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney Shareholder Jesse H. Diner tells the publication that “There is a demarcation between a legitimate complaint and the way you are being treated or the way things are done at a firm and being a whiner.”

When it comes to dropping names of important people or cases, Diner says that “It’s really a sales job, but there is a very fine line between putting a good foot forward and overplaying the individual’s hand.”

Diner also discussed the attitude about leaving your current firm. “There has to be a proper wind-down and transitioning of work when someone is leaving a firm. If somebody doesn’t have that kind of regard for his or her firm, then that person would probably not have regard for the firm that I work with. That tells me something about the person’s professionalism.” 

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