About.com recently published an article, titled "How to Fight a Legal Grievance." The article covers different reasons that a client, or even a fellow practitioner might accuse a lawyer of, including missing deadlines or not paying bar dues.

“There could be any number of matters which could lead to discipline,” Buchanan Shareholder Jesse H. Diner told the news source. “A very common and easy to remedy error is a failure to timely communicate with a client so that the client’s inquiries are not responded to or the client is not kept abreast of the status of a matter.”

One of the most important parts of dealing with a grievance, the article says, is to not procrastinate.

“The lawyer should respond in a timely manner. If the lawyer needs more time to respond or to gather documents for the response, the lawyer should ask for a reasonable extension, which will probably be granted,” Diner says. “Do not ignore any inquiry by the Bar. If the matter is serious, obtain counsel who is experienced in dealing with lawyer discipline so that the lawyer can obtain proper advice and guidance in dealing with the process." 

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