Hiring seasonal workers is a must for many companies during the holiday season. InsideCounsel.com recently published an article on the risks that employers should address when they hire seasonal workers.

Being clear that the work is seasonal, is just one of the issues employers could run into, the article explains. Buchanan Labor & Employment Shareholder Eric J. Holshouser advises employers to “to make sure they do not commit to a definite term of employment and that they make clear the employment relationship is at-will…. If not, an employee terminated before the end of the term may allege the employer did not have just cause for termination.”

Holshouser notes there are certainly benefits to seasonal employees, but making sure employers don’t skimp on training is also vital. With a lack of safety or health related training, season employees “could be exposed to liability in the event of an accident or health incident.” 

Read the full article – “Employers Need to Address Risks with Seasonal Employees” (InsideCounsel.com, December 8, 2015)