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Several publications including Valley News Dispatch, Leader Times and the Pittsburgh Tribune Review reported that South Buffalo supervisors will decide as to whether to allow XTO Energy Inc. to drill as many as eight new Marcellus shale gas wells in the township. The wells, reported the articles, would be drilled about 1,000 feet deep across more than 480 acres.

While the drilling is expected to begin in November, the schedule will depend on how long it takes to construct the 300-foot by 400-foot well pad, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney Shareholder Shawn Gallagher told the publications.

“It’s likely the two wells would be drilled first,” Gallagher said. “The number of wells XTO drills would be dependent on the site’s productivity.” 

Read the full Trib article – “South Buffalo Supervisors Approve XTO Energy’s Drilling Plan” (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, April 1, 2014)