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The Pittsburgh Business Times featured Buchanan in its January 29th Law Firms issue. Along with once again naming the firm the third largest in the city, the publication covered Joseph A. Dougherty’s preparation for the CEO position, including how he is transitioning clients, finishing trials and learning from Jack A. Barbour.

“Jack has been a great person to shadow,” Joe explained. “He sits down and explains things and his experiences and thought process. That’s really been valuable. He’s just very good at, when issues are presented, stepping back and providing a little historical overview and saying, ‘Think about the greater good of the firm and what’s the right and fair decision and stick with it.’”

“I’m cognizant that my decisions are much more meaningful than they were a year ago,” he added. “They impact more people.”

Joe noted that the firm is continuing to place an emphasis on growth and also that it wants to continue its charitable and community efforts in Pittsburgh.

Read the full article (subscription required) – “Focus in new year to shift from internal to community” (Pittsburgh Business Times, January 29, 2016)