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A recent Law360 article reported on the Pennsylvania Independent Oil and Gas Association’s (PIOGA) request to the state Supreme Court to stop the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) from requiring well permit applicants to comply with certain provisions of Act 13 the court found unconstitutional and unenforceable in its December 2013 decision.

The article reports that a group of challengers are requesting that the PIOGA not be permitted to intervene with the case.

Standing strong behind their request, the Vice President and General Counsel of PIOGA told Law360 that “We’re taking the Supreme Court’s injunction rulings as they stand and we’re simply asking that the department be required to abide by them.”

Representing the PIOGA from Buchanan include Energy Shareholders Gregory J. Krock and Brian J. Clark. 

Read the full article – “Pa. Frack Law Challengers Try to Bar Gas Group’s Intervention” (Law360, July 13, 2015)