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Chairman of Buchanan’s Oil & Gas Practice Group Sean W. Moran and Director of Federal Government Relations James C. Wiltraut co-authored an article published in Law360, titled “Ways to Increase Natural Gas Infrastructure and Demand.” 

With natural gas production in the United States surging to more than 40 percent in the last decade, Moran and Wiltraut note that the energy industry will be a large part of the conversation as presidential hopefuls share their plans for the country’s energy future.

In order to obtain this prosperous future, the authors argue that the industry must work concurrently to increase demand and improve infrastructure – one can’t happen without the other.

“The path to increasing both demand for and access to natural gas is not something that will happen overnight, but there are a number of tangible steps the industry can take now to begin to address the issue,” they write.

Read the full article to learn what Moran and Wiltraut say needs to happen to get the industry closer to the future it would like to realize.