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A recent article in the Daily Business Review featured the firm’s Miami office as a result of a client success story from 2013 that was submitted as part of the DBR’s Litigation of the Year award nomination form.

Firm client, Dania Entertainment Center LLC (DEC), recently purchased Dania Jai-Alia, a venue in Broward County that was one of the hottest places to be decades ago, reported a recent article in the Daily Business Review.

Buchanan’s Richard A. Morgan, Matthew J. Feeley and Jennifer Olmedo-Rodriguez were part of the team that assisted firm client Dania Entertainment Center (DEC) in achieving its vision of turning a large property on Dania Beach – which was at one time Broward County’s top venue – back to the popular place it once was by revamping it into a casino. When litigation threatened DEC’s vision and caused title issues, the closing was called off and Buchanan filed suit.

"The Dania Jai-Alai litigation was particularly satisfying because the clients did not ask us to simply extricate them from a deal gone south. The clients had a vision for the project and wanted to see that vision through to reality," Feeley told the DBR. "It is rewarding to see the project becoming a reality." 

Read the full article – “Buchanan Handled Litigation Threatening Dania Casino Deal” (Daily Business Review, April 16, 2014)