Litigation Counsel Katie Goldman recently appeared on television on PCNC’s Night Talk and Pittsburgh NOW airing on August 16 and 17. On both programs she debated the merits of the Pennsylvania Voter ID law enacted earlier this year and she discussed the recent decision of the Commonwealth Court upholding the constitutionality of the voter ID law. The voter ID law requires voters to produce photo identification at the polls prior to casting a vote. The ACLU brought an action in Commonwealth Court attempting to enjoin the voter ID law from going into effect before the presidential election. The Commonwealth Court decision concerning the voter ID law is currently under review by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Oral argument in the case will be heard on September 13, 2012.

Goldman, who serves as chair of the Pittsburgh chair of the Republican National Lawyers Association and is co-chair of Pennsylvania Lawyers for Romney, explained that voter ID laws have actually increased turnout for all demographics of voters in jurisdictions that have a voter ID requirement and these laws provide the electorate with much needed confidence that the election is being conducted fairly. Those opposed to the Voter Id law are concerned that the inconvenience of obtaining identification will prevent people from voting, but as Goldman explained, there are several ways to obtain identification free of charge and in time for the November election. Goldman also expressed her opinion that Justices on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, regardless of party affiliation, would view this issue as a question of law and will uphold the Commonwealth Court decision.

Additionally, Goldman was quoted in a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article regarding voter ID, the full text of which is available here.