Charged with conspiracy and securities fraud in relation to trade made in Dell and Nvidia, SAC Capital Advisors money manager Michael Steinberg is reported to be pressured to plead guilty ahead of his November 18 trial, reported The New York Post in a recent article titled, “SAC Plea Deal Could Come This Week.”

The article details that the $14 billion hedge fund may be likely to settle the insider-trading case soon, putting pressure on Steinberg to plead guilty.

“The government, having guilty pleas in their pocket, can use that information to pressure other individuals to also plead guilty,” defense attorney and shareholder at Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, Barry I. Slotnick, told The Post. “The admissions of the corporation don’t bind the individual employee.” 

Read the full article – “SAC Plea Deal Could Come This Week: Report” (New York Post, October 30, 2013)