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Andrew M. Weiner

Andrew M. Weiner


New York, NY

How Andrew Helps Clients

Andrew assists clients in the complex areas of data privacy and cybersecurity. His experience includes data breach response, global privacy compliance reviews, corporate transactions, drafting company privacy policies and procedures, and product counseling. He regularly counsels clients across industries on domestic and international regulatory frameworks, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), and emerging US state privacy statutes. As part of this advisory work he frequently assists clients engaging with US federal and state regulators, including the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Irish Data Protection Commission (IDPC).

He has experience advising clients through conflict of law issues across domestic and international jurisdictions, such as those associated with cross-border data transfers and government data access requests, as well as counseling clients on the general but key principles of privacy-by-design and data minimization.

Andrew supports businesses address their privacy needs in a proactive and detailed manner.

What Clients Can Expect

Andrew’s experience navigating and distilling complex technical subject matters allows him to effectively advise clients in the constantly evolving landscape of privacy law. He knows the vitality of working together with clients — both lawyers and non-lawyers — as one team to support their mission and provide guidance that is truly tailored to their business.

Clients can expect from Andrew concise communication that gets to the point, detailed analysis, and an ability to digest the nuances of a business’s work as a result of his product counseling experience.

Outside the Office

Andrew lives in Brooklyn with his 90-pound pit bull who is very cute but a bit of a diva. Like most New York City residents, he spends most of his free time finding ways to escape the city — his weekends are often spent hiking, skiing, or at the beach.

Proof Points

  • Advised a Fortune 50 publicly traded technology company on breach response in over 24 global jurisdictions, including 50 US states, Brazil, the UK and the EU, as well as proactively advising on privacy for the development of advanced new products.
  • Lead data breach response for a Fortune 50 technology company for over 200 incidents, including preparing executives for engagement with federal data protection authorities.
  • Analyzed and providing risk mitigation strategies to a Fortune 50 technology company in connection with creating, developing and launching products for developers including in blockchain, payments, and virtual reality.