Anand Mohan

Anand Mohan


Alexandria, VA

How Anand Helps Clients

Anand Mohan focuses his practice on intellectual property law, where he has experience in IP procurement, litigation, counseling, opinions, competitive strategy, and patent office litigation.

Leveraging his prior experience at Goldman Sachs, Anand counsels clients on patent portfolio monetization and strategy in global markets.

Anand has experience in intellectual property matters directed to a wide array of electrical and computer arts such as blockchain technology, database and cloud management systems, business methods including e-commerce and financial technology, computer networks, cyber security, and telecommunication systems.

What Clients Can Expect

Anand provides prompt and effective counsel by carefully considering the client’s goal and developing prosecution strategies based on the goal. With his prior experience as a software programmer, Anand can provide a highly technical assessment of a client’s invention by breaking down highly developed concepts to provide clients with a pragmatic explanation of how legal issues may potentially affect the client's interests. Anand provides an honest assessment regarding patent protection strategies by doing a cost and benefit analysis of such strategies. 

Outside the Office

Anand was born and raised in New Delhi, India. He is married and loves to spend time with his wife and son. He loves playing golf with his friends and is working on his short golf game. If he wasn't an attorney, he would be a history professor because of his love for world history.

Proof Points

  • Represented a wide range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to individual inventors.
  • Drafted and prosecuted hundreds of U.S. patent applications across many different technology areas.
  • Drafted many appeals of final rejections to the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences.
  • Conducted dozens of examiner interviews to develop strategies to overcome 35 U.S.C. §101 rejections frequently arising in software or business method patent applications.
  • Extensive software programming experience in the field of financial technologies.