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Hosts John Povilaitis and Alan Seltzer of Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney are joined by a former member of PA’s House of Representatives, Jaret Gibbons. Gibbons is the current executive director of the Appalachian Region Independent Power Producers Association, a non-profit whose mission is to turn coal waste into an energy source. Connecting back to our episode on the blockchain coalition, this podcast will also discuss how the use of coal refuse is important in mining bitcoin.

In this episode, Jaret Gibbons gives a deeper insight into what his organization does and how coal waste, or refuse, is turned into electric energy in the Appalachian region, with the added benefit of cleaning up the mess coal leaves behind – click here ( to see some incredible before and after photos. Gibbons paints a picture of the before and after of coal refuse clean up while explaining how the waste is then turned into electric energy. He ends off with the importance of making sure people are educated about his organization’s mission and not just grouping land and coal clean-ups as environmental hazards, instead of what they actually do.

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