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Feb 27 2020

​Immigration attorneys Christine Alden, Gina Polo and Olivia Minnis will present at the AILA South Florida Chapter's 41st Annual Immigration Law Update on Feb. 27-28. Christine worked hard to plan and oversee the event, and will provide opening remarks. 

In addition to opening remarks, Christine will be a panelist for the plenary session, "Come Together - Hot Topics."

Olivia Minnis will be a panelist on "Simply the Best - The Extraordinary, Exceptional and in the National Interest," which will discuss:

  • Who is really extraordinary or exceptional?
  • Who is the petitioner?
  • Consultation and screening the applicant
  • How to prepare a case and best practices
  • Supporting evidence
Gina Polo will lead the panel, "Shake it Off - Expect the Unexpected," which will discuss:
  • ​Managing client expectations
  • How to bill in these times of lengthy adjudications
  • How to deal with USCIS in a time when communications and Infopass is limited
  • How to make time for emergencies when your schedule is already overstretched
  • How to manage your schedule when everything immigration-related takes longer and more effort
  • Stress and anxiety management for yourself, your staff and your clients