Our estates and trusts litigators are recognized nationally for their experience and thought leadership in all aspects of complex probate, trust and fiduciary litigation.

Estates and Trusts Litigation: No Place for Novices

For trustees, executors, guardians, fiduciaries or beneficiaries, disputes are increasingly common. Attempting to resolve such a dispute with a litigator/generalist or trust/estate attorney with no litigation experience in the Probate Courts or Orphans’ Courts or knowledge of this unique area of law can have less than desirable results. With many years of this type of experience, we are frequently able to bring matters to a resolution without the need for litigation.

While settling a dispute without litigation is frequently the best approach, there are disputes which cannot – and perhaps should not – be resolved without litigation. In those cases, you can be confident that you have an experienced probate and trust litigation team behind you. Our litigators who concentrate on estates and trust matters have long, highly specific experience and can assist you with these and other disputes in this area:

  • Probate and trust litigation.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims.
  • Will contests.
  • Guardianship litigation.
  • Federal and state estate and inheritance tax disputes.